Thursday, 30 May 2013

Great travel bag? Awesome! Dupe for a designer? Even Better!

Okay, I cannot be the only one who is completely obsessed with the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag! It is the perfect purse for travelling- Why? Let me explain...

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

  • Super small and light! Perfect for all the necessities while out on the town (Digital Camera, Money, Lip Chap etc...)
  • Goes with literally any outfit!
  • Awesome protection! My mother (a fellow happy wanderer) actually had her purse cut off of her while she was sleeping on a train in Europe (goes to show you can never be too safe)! The chains on the strap would make cutting the bag off very difficult...
  • Cross body bag style- Comfortable and once again adds to the protection of the bag!

However, at a hefty $200 (Yes, you read that right!), the Mini Mac is not exactly reasonable for those of us who are students on a budget… 
Today, I quickly ran into Walmart to pick up a few things. As I walked by the handbags, I did a double-take. I found a bag that looks very similar to the Mini Mac! It has all the pros of the Mini Mac, with a much more reasonable price tag. It comes in tons of colours and is absolutely wonderful! 'How much is this bag?' you may be wondering? $14! (And yes, you read that right!) This is the perfect bag to take to Europe (I'm planning to use it as my summer purse as well!). 
$14 Walmart Bag
(The IPhone is for size comparison)
Anyway, I hope this may have helped one of you readers! 

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